Sailing 26-7th June

Weekly Sailing Diary.
Sunday last the weather tempted a few of us out and we saw two cruisers and two fifteens enjoy a close pursuit race.
Gavin and his 1st time crew in the Gem cruiser and Richard and Sandra in the newly launched Jaguar 21 enjoyed the perfect easterly wind but were soon overhauled by Stef and Keith in the fifteens (Keith with another new crew Rupert) who were never more than a few boat lengths apart.  On the hour Keith and Rupert were literally a nose ahead with Gavin 3rd and Richard and Sandra 4th.
We have a NHS sailing experience Sat am and then Keith,Paul & Stef will be around for the remainder of the Weekend.
There will be a planned race/s on Sunday (10:30 ready to launch) with 11:00 am start. If you just want to crew there are helms available to take you out.
Advance notice of Junior Weekend Intro to sailing, basic skills on 30th Jul-1st August for club juniors 8-15yrs, Max 10 participants.
Members email to follow with more details.
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