Fees / FaQs


Membership options and fees
Family Includes the member, their partner, children and grandchildren under 18 (or under 22 if in full time education)  £135
Cadet Under 18 yrs of age (or under 22 if in full time education)  £30
 Individual  Anyone over 18yrs of age  £120
 Canoe/Kayak  Non Sailing. Allows use of onshore  facilities  £50
 Associate  Allows full use of the facilities except waterborne pursuits  £25
 Canoe/Kayak Family Includes the member, their partner, children and grandchildren under 18 (or under 22 if in full time education) that only wishes to canoe or kayak  £90


Boat registration options and prices
Dinghy £40
Windsurfer £16
Cruiser  £60
Canoe/Kayak  £17
Under 10′  £17


Craft Hire Prices
Single Handed Dinghy £5
Double Handed Dinghy £10
Keel Boat £15


If there is any confusion over the fees please contact us.

It is a requirement that all boats launched at the club (inc Kayaks,Windsurfers,Canoes) have a minimum 3rd party cover on not less than £2 million.



It is a requirement of membership that everyone fulfill at least 2 duties on the rota apart from Cadet, Associate, Kayak/Canoe and Kayak/Canoe family memberships.

Duty Rota Roles Include
1. Officer Of the Day (OOD). Responsible for the day’s activities.
2. Assistant OOD.
3. Safety Boat Driver/Crew. Providing Safety boat cover for all those engaged in waterborne club activities on calendar club days.

Acting as OOD Assistant doesn’t require any prior experience and is a great way to learn more about racing rules and setting courses. Junior & Cadet members welcome.

Driver of the safety boat must be appropriately qualified, the Crew can be in the process of training. The club will provide training and support for those wishing to achieve these qualifications. Club Subsidised RYA courses are available throughout the year in order to attain RYA Powerboat Level 1 & 2.

Members have an Option to OPT Out of duty System for £50 (There must be a valid reason for Opting out as it is a condition of membership that members should do duties). If you wish to opt out please state why below.

Cadet members are not required to do duties but may be asked to assist.

As duties ( 2 duties min) are fulfilled the Membership Secretary will maintain a register.

2 Duties will Qualify for zero addition to memb fees for following year.

Up to 4 duties in total can be done and discount offered to following years fees (max £100)




More to come soon. If you need assistance please contact us