Winter at the Clubhouse

Information for Members – Winter at the Clubhouse

The clubhouse has now been fully winterized. The water has been turned off in the clubhouse and the system has been drained.
If you are at the club and need to use the toilet, the disabled facilities are still available.  A bucket has been left there for manually flushing the toilet.
If you are going out on the water, please note the advice for Lone Sailing / Paddling in the document attached.
Finally, if the weather is frosty, beware of ice on the access road or on the slipway.


Hafren Dyfrdwy/Severn Trent has asked the Committee to advise members and visitors to follow guidelines to promote a safer environment for
sailing/paddling without wishing to prohibit activity.

Clywedog is a remote location so these precautions are in your own interest and will satisfy the Water Company to allow us to continue to provide access.

Members choosing to use the lake when there is no scheduled safety cover and especially when the clubhouse is closed down over winter must take into
consideration the weather conditions and evaluate their abilities to handle an
emergency situation without support.

This means:
Be aware of the weather conditions and forecast.
Wear appropriate clothing, a buoyancy aid and carry some means of attracting attention – there is actually a phone signal on part of the lake.
Let a third party know your schedule, and have an emergency contact onshore.
Canoeists and Paddleboarders go out in 3’s, and have an emergency contact

There is an emergency phone in the OD office.
If asked the Club Grid Ref is 52°28’37.0″N 3°37’09.4″W.

Clywedog Sailing Club Nov. 2023