Name the Island Competition

Name the Island Competition

You will see we have our Island back

We have a competition with prizes to give it a name…—…Check the entry details below;

  • Club rules state there is No Swimming in the Clywedog Lake

  • This is from Hafren Dyfrdwy. It is in the terms of our lease and part of the price we pay to have exclusive use of this beautiful place

  • This means we cannot allow jumping off the Island or Jetty.

  • Not only is it against our lease, but there is a significant risk of injury through slipping on the wet surface and being injured by the mooring cleats. Furthermore persistent jumping in can stress buoyancy aid straps and clips so your life saving vest may slip over your head when you need it most.

  • There are many imaginative uses for the Island that do not involve jumping in and all members are free to use it, as long as they rescue Robinson Crusoe , Man Friday and Polly before they go home.

  • Parents please ensure your children understand this rule and do not play jumping or diving from the island or Jetty.

  • We ask members on the water to remind island users should they forget as none of us want to see an accident on the water and away from first aid services.

How to Enter the competition.

Think of a really great name for our island

As a tie breaker please add a couple of sentences as to why you think this is the best name.

Send your name and your membership family name to: [email protected]

By Monday 15 August

The committee will judge the best entry and award an age appropriate prize.

The winning name and best runners up will be published in the next newsletter.

Watch our facebook members page for details of the formal naming ceremony.

  • At CSC the training providers allow junior groups to let off steam at the end of the session with supervised jetty jumping to encourage confidence in the water in case they fall in during sailing or paddling activities.

  • We recognise that Paddle boarding is an activity where falling off can be part of the fun, particularly for younger members but all Paddle boarders should remain attached to the board with the leash at all times.

  • We expect that younger members will be Supervised while on the water at all times by a competent adult.

  • If running and diving from the island is seen then those involved may be asked to leave the water.