EGM News

Thank you to all those who attended the EGM at the club on Sunday.

For those of you who were not able to come;

A new committee was elected with a nearly full quota of officers and committee members with roles to help the club develop.

Firstly the new committee would like to thank the past committee members for their hard work to keep the club running over the past 2 difficult years.

We are preparing mini bios and photos for the website and notice board.

The principal officers are

Commodore Keith Rollinson,

Vice Commodore Paul Feely,

Treasurer Des Richardson,

Membership Sec Tracey Pryce,

Sailing Sec Gavin Goodall,

General Sec Gillian Roberts.

Other confirmed members:

Mick Crehan, Kevin Andrew, Richard Anderson, Nick Walker, Jill Rolfe, Stuart Noble, Stef Feely, Jennifer Glover, Rod Townsend, Ian Frewin.

Andy Jobling has offered to be interim SUP rep but will not stand on the committee due to his business interest.

We are keen to settle in and encourage active participation and fun activities over the coming months. We hope to see paddlers and sailors at the club not only on the evening sessions but weekends too.

Please introduce yourselves to us and let us know of any ideas or suggestions for activities or events you would like to see and share with other club members.

We will be updating the calendar soon to include these.

Unfortunately the Disability Day has to be postponed until later in the year.

Please come up on Sunday where we will be running a Family Training day (paddling and Sailing) to which all are welcome we hope to run these monthly.

See you on the water

Keith and the new committee.