Permitted area for water activities reminder

Hi Everyone


It has been brought to our attention  by Sev Trent staff that 2 kayakers were seen very close to the main dam on Sunday 22nd July.  This area is strictly off limits as all members are advised, see reference below from Handbook which is issued to all members.  Please take time to read this  publication it is for you  and also if any queries/questions please ask a member of Committee (Our mugshots are on the wall by the Kitchen)


The limits for sailing/canoeing are shown on the map displayed at the clubhouse, the
area towards the dam is strictly off limits and there is no swimming permitted in any
part of the lake. Members should familiarize themselves with the limits of the
sailing area and note that access to and from the lake is only via the club slipways.


It may have been visitors that strayed but all day members are advised off the permitted area  when registering.