Club Survey for 2016 Calendar

I am working with the committee to plan the sailing programme for the coming year. There has been favourable feedback for last years programme so we are planning to use that as a frame work for this year.

However the level of participation at the club in the last few seasons has been falling. From figures at the last AGM we had 86 memberships (including 13 canoe) in 2015 with 52 dinghies and 5 cruisers registered at the club. With the exception of a few events the number of boats on the water was usually less than 10 some times only 3 or 4.

I would therefore like to find ways of getting more boats out on the water. I have written a short questionnaire in order to find out which factors effects members sailing at the club, I will then use this information to tailor the programme to members needs.

I hope that you can take a little time to send your thoughts, if there are more than one member in your household please ask them to each send in a questionnaire.

Finally although this questionnaire is primarily focussed on racing your committee is committed to encouraging sailing in general so if there are any ways in which the club could help with this please feel free to put these in the bottom box.

Thanks for your time I look forward to seeing you out on the water this year.

Link to survey document


Paul Hoad.  Sailing Sec