2024 Calendar

Please see the Members Only FB Page for calendar updates.

All members are welcome to join sailing activities or use the club as normal during any of these sessions. Paddlers should in general try to avoid sailing craft especially beginners and the race course which will be marked on the map on the clubhouse wall. Sailors should try to keep clear of paddlers as all water users are responsible to avoid collisions.

Sailing will comprise elements of training encourage you to practise manoeuvres and sail trim and support and advice on rigging and setting up club boats or your own craft. We also include a racing program, with longer, more challenging courses to satisfy more experienced sailors although all members may join in but support for absolute beginners will be limited.

On the listed sailing days there will be Safety cover for all craft on the water.

SUP club and Canoe club operate Thursday evenings throughout the season, please check times and book via Facebook members only page.

When No activity is listed:
The lake is open only during daylight hours for members to launch.
When there is no formal safety cover members need to follow the lone activity guidelines set out in the handbook.
Members are encouraged to pair up with a buddy system.
Members should be aware of their ability to handle their craft in the prevailing weather conditions and are responsible for the safety of their craft and crew.

2024 Calendar